Exciting News!!!

Exciting News!!!

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE NEW SITE! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally made the switch from wordpress.com to wordpress.org! All of you bloggers out there will understand my contradicting excitement & frustration. WordPress.com was an awesome launching … Continue reading

Home Made Skillet Pizookie

Earth to everyone: this is one big pan of happy. If you’ve ever been to a BJ’s restaurant then you’re probably already convinced, but if not…. then let me introduce you. It’s a deep dish pizza, in chocolate chip cookie … Continue reading

Summer Wedges 3 Ways!

Summer Wedges 3 Ways!

In my preppy-girly-world, color block wedges are essential for summer. They’re comfortable, flattering, and can be dressed up or down really easily. Here’s some summer-y inspiration for outfits involving wedges! Outfit 1: Pretty in Pink   Shoes: JCrew Dress: Lilly Pullitzer Bag: … Continue reading

Accessory Look-Book for Spring!

Ya’ll have known me long enough to have figured out that I have trouble sticking to one cookie cutter. (Food blog included) I get bored easy and I have lots of interests. That being said, I am branching out and diving … Continue reading

Simple Pizza Dough

 There are only a few things I think a woman actually needs in her life (even in this day & age): Jesus, a friend she can tell anything to, and a couple surefire recipes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me … Continue reading

Life Lessons from Small Town, USA

 There are lessons to be learned from growing up and living in small town America. Even today, not everyone grows up living in a city-slicker, media-obsessed family that never spends time together. Here are lessons I’ve learned from growing up in … Continue reading

Skinny Mini Cupcakes & Kyle’s Birthday!

 It’s Kyle’s birthday on Sunday! You know what that means!? Funfetti cupcakes and Disneyland! He’s a man’s man if I’ve ever met one,  but one of my favorite things about my sweet Kyle is that no matter how old  he’s gets, he’s … Continue reading

Flour-less Zucchini Pizza

 I got this idea after I watched chef, Amy Theilan make a potato fritter in a cast iron pan. She shredded the potatoes, squeezed out the water, and combined them with some cheese and an egg. Then she baked the … Continue reading